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           Most of the machineguns listed below are depicted in either the photographs on this page, or on videos elsewhere on this site:

GSG-522, GSG-522PK, GSG-522SD, GSG-AK, (4) Ruger 10-22 variants, SIG-22, ISSC MK-22, Puma-22, Glock 17, STEN, Sterling, MP-5A3, MP-5SDA3, Cobray 9mm and .22, UZI 9mm and .22, Thompson M1A1-22, Thompson M1A1, 1927, & 1928, UMP-45, (6) M-16 w/.22 variants, HK-53, HK-33, HK-51 + .22, HK-G3 + .22, HK G-36K, M2 .30 carbine, (3) AK-47 variants, M-14, FAL + .22, MG-42, 1919A4, M60E4, M2HB 50BMG                                  
Musician Ian Byrne of "The Elders" (720P) is a Class II federally licensed manufacturer of all firearms including machineguns, suppressors, and short barrel rifles.

Firearms rental inventory includes:

Belt-fed automatic machineguns  50 BMG, M-60, MG-42

7.62 NATO automatic assault rifles  FAL, G3, M14, HK51

7.62 x 39 assault rifles  AK47 Krinkov Short barrel

.30 carbine M-2 carbine

5.56 assault rifles  HK G36K, HK 33, HK 53, M 16,

.45ACP machineguns  Thompson M1A1, 1928, 1927, HK UMP-45

9mm assault rifles  MP-5, MP-5SD  UZI, MAC-11,   STEN, Sterling, Glock-17

.22LR machineguns  Ruger 1022, SIG522   GSG 522, GSG522SD, ISSC MK-22, GSG522PK, GSG STG44

Machinegunguy specializes in NightVision devices, suppressors, and IR laser systems.